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New Year's greetings! Review of Great Victory in Dubai Show - "Selling Out"

Wonderful Review of Dubai Show

During Chinese new year in 2019, BDCs sparkled in New year’s first show with high spirit.-- AEEDC DUBAI.

Just as the whole China gathers to celebrate New Year Festival, hard-work BDCs sparkles in the “AEEDC DUBAI” platform.

Dubai Show’s high frequent words No.1

Good quality

Good products can be always received praises, that is because BDC is based on quality and provide safe and reliable dental products to dentists.

Dubai Show’s high frequent words No.2

Sell out

It is said that there are too many wealthy men in Dubai, which is not fake. The most we heard from customers in our BDC booth is not only “good quality”, but also the “sell out”. The scene in our booth was very hot, and we didn’t have lunch in continously three days. Moreover, every models have been sold out, that is why we constantly explained to customers that this model has been sold out. Through three days’ show, more than three thousand products we brought to there have been sold out, even our samples scrambled for by customers.

Dubai AEEDC successfully ended in 7th Feb. 2019. BDC flourished in this show, achieving customers’ praises and favourite from many countries. Let us meet together in the next Guangzhou South Dental Show and German Cologne Show, see you!

At last, BDCs send the New Year’s greeting to every one, wish you have good health and family happiness, business is blooming, everything goes smoothly!

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Shanghai Dentech China Exhibition’s wonderful reviews-- Double Ace: Emergency-stop and Zero-suction & Free-lubricated handpiece

Wonderful Reviews

On 3rd, November, with the crowd gradually dispersed, three-and-half days’Chinese Dental Exhibition successfully ended. Within the show, too much classic moment is worth being remembered, including that our BDC’s double ace--Emergency-stop and Zero-suction handpiece and Free-lubricated handpiece, become dealers and dentists’favourite who are from domestic and overseas.

Ace 1:Zero-suction and Emergency-stop

With the increasing of realization on health, during dental treatment or surgery, preventing cross-infection becomes a very important work, and based on that point, our Zero-suction handpiece comes into being. From BDC leading to launch this kind of handpiece in the industry to nowadays, this concept on Zero-suction achieves the recognition from vast of dentists and patients, and Zero-suction and Emergency-stop handpiece becomes one of the trump card and ace to BDC.

Ace 2: Free-lubricated handpiece

The national first-created free-lubricated series handpiece, which is free from lubricating for maintenance, strongly launched by BDC, greatly reducing the influences to handpiece from using environment. The concept of free-lubricated, first coming onto the show, is the first creation. Adopting Germany special-custom and high-precision bearing, besides the technique of Emergency-stop and Zero-suction, with optimized design of airflow, makes this free-lubricated handpiece becoming BDC’s another strong ace. When the concept of free-lubricated pushed out, this is becoming the hottest focus in this industry, attracting the attention from professionals from home and abroad.

Double ace come onto stage

The two ace concept-- Emergency-stop & Free-lubricated handpiece, attract countless professional audience to visit.

Although the show has ended, BDC is keeping the footsteps on creation. From enlarging manufacture base this year to nowadays, BDC are continuously improving and the techniques, process, management, and service, achieving breakthrough. BDCs are confident and calm, the ambition on always insisting on providing the most advanced dental production to Chinese dental industry. Let’s stay tuned for more surprise we prepared for you in the coming future!

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Shanghai CDS Dental Exhibition-- BDC wonderful review&surprise

BDC handpiece special warm-hearted operation


BDC invites you to enjoy CDS wonderful moment

On September 1st, 2018, The 20th worldwide dental academy meeting of Chinese Stomatological Association, 2018 Chinese International Dental Equipment Expo (CDS) successfully ended. BDC received customer’s favourable review with our high-qualification products and service as always. So at this time, we invite you to enjoy the wonderful moment together in this show!

Recommended hot product -- Emergency-stop and zero-suction handpiece

These days in the show, the most attractive superstar prodcut is our Natural light series handpiece, Emergency-stop and zero-suction. At this time, let us lern more about what the zero-suction is. There is no doubt that dentists could notice that dental handpiece does not instantly stop running after loosing the dental chair’s pedal, but will stop after four-second high speed inertia running. During this inertia running,there will form negative pressure, leading to absorp the dirts, such as debris, blood, saliva and so on, into cartridge, resulting in the bearing being stuck by debris, but also cause series problem, for example, blood will be left in cartridge which is difficult to clean, and the bacteria is brought into cartridge causing the unthorough disinfection. However, the function on zero-suction, will make the bur instantly stop running after loosing the pedal, which could effectively achieve accurate operation, avoiding damage oral soft tissue when running the bur, and become safer to patients. Besides, zero-suction function could reduce the negative pressure while bur stops runnig, and the number of suction is almost zero, which could effectively avoid dirts into cartridge and the above problem. Emergency-stop and zero-suction, enables the operation safer, cleaner and more accurate, effectively preventing cross-infection and protecting the bearing, to make its life longer.

-Emergency-stop and Zero-suction field demonatration and interpretation

Nowadays, some international brands almost lead the function about emergency-stop and zero-suction into handpiece. But in the domestic, very few factory can achieve this function, however, BDC is one of the few, besides, BDC have been focusing on handpiece manufacturing over 13 years. Rich accumulated experience and mature technic, is the strong reason why BDC products become everyone’s favourite. Large power, high effect and dentist standard configuration--High speed 3 series handpiece RD-3

As a dentist’s essential configuration, high speed 3 series handpiece’s superior characteristics such as stable comprehensive capability, strong cutting strength, superstrong mute and one-year warranty, are strong reason that favored by the majority of dentist friends. With high-qualification and technic as strong brace, BDC’s products dare to face dentists’ field test.

Surprise: Warm-hearted operation

That’s how the story happened. In the exhibition, a dentist with five friends together came to our booth for visit, one of lady’s nail (heroine in below picture)was broken, and at that time, there was without any tools to trim the broken nail, which make this lady uncomfortable with that broken nail. Then, in that key moment, our hero(a male dentist in below picture) came into stage, he pulled this lady’s hand to our test board, and said to her, come here!With my professional skilful techique, I can help you with dental handpiece trim a beautiful nail! As result with surprise, our BDC handpiece ran smoothly with strong cutting power and superstrong mute. At the same time in solving the problem, dentists were profuse in praise to our handpiece. A good handpiece enabled dentist to show charm in front of the beauty, and made them smile. It was also our first time to experience and get that warm-hearted point to hit on a girl.

- Using BDC handpiece, carving out the way to love you-

This exhibition has come to a successfully conclusion. Let’s look forward to October, and expect to meet you again in our beautiful Shanghai. BDC will be devote to provide more good products in stomatology industry with our BDC excelsior attitude as always!

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Hot product at first day in Shanghai CDS Dental Exhibition

Field test on BDC zero-suction and emergency-stop handpiece

Leading you to BDC at five days before

The 20th worldwide dental academy meeting of Chinese Stomatological Association, 2018 Chinese International Dental Equipment Expo (CDS) was successfully held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Centre. First day, BDC met the worldwide dentist friends and provided them field visit and guidance, and invited many dentists to test and evaluated for our products. High technic and quality stand the trials,and dentist friend gave our BDC dental handpiece the highly recognition in the field.

Hot product-- Field test for function on emergency-stop and zero-suction

Emergency-stop and zero-suction field-test analysis

Left is ordinary and non zero-suction handpiece, right is BDC emergency-stop and zero-suction handpiece. From video we can see, the number of suction on non zero-suction handpiece at the left is very obvious,so during the dentist’s actual surgery, it will be easy to absorp dirts, such as debris,saliva, blood and so on, into the cartridge, leading that bearing being stuck by debris, and the bacteria is brought into cartridge causing the unthorough disinfection, resulting in series problem like cross-infection.the number of suction of BDC emergency-stop and zero-suction handpiece at the right is zero, so this handpiece can effectively avoid dirts, such as debris, saliva, blood and so on absorping into cartridge, more effectively avoiding cross-infection, and make the bearing recieve more efficient protect with longer life.

BDC zero-suction handpiece, cleaner,safer, longer life!

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